When it comes to our wine list, our intent was simple: create a small and succinct wine list with a focus on classic varietals and regions as well as new discoveries from around the world.  Most importantly, a program that highlights wines that are well priced, well matched to the cuisine, and taste great!


Wine Steward and Sommelier


Diego Lascano is Lewes Oyster House’s very own Wine Steward. For two decades, Diego has worked in the wine business and in restaurants. Diego is also a Certified Sommelier with the prestigious Court of Master Sommeliers.

At Lewes Oyster House, Diego intends to focus on expanding the list and bringing wines from different regions of the world (preferably from areas where oysters are being harvested!).

“Food and wine is as simple as it is complex. Wines are meant to complement and even enhance your culinary experience, and there’s nothing more satisfying than pairing the right wine with the right dish!”


New to the list is a phenomenal Chardonnay from Slovenia called Medved. It’s expressive, elegant, creamy and perfect with any of our seafood dishes.

Diego has also incorporated a few interesting wines from Italy such as Susumanniello, which comes from the southern region of Puglia and is similar to Primitivo, also known as Zinfandel.

And don’t even get him started with Natural wines that are still fermenting in the bottle. We have a couple in the list and they are fascinating!

Diego’s chosen all wines carefully to make sure they are well received as well as wines that our guests might not typically encounter.


At Lewes Oyster House, our staff is always eager to learn and pass along the knowledge to our guests. We are always tasting new wines and incorporating our favorites onto the list. So far all of them have been well received!

“I am really looking forward to working with Chef Sean to start a new series of Wine Pairing Dinners and perhaps a Wine Club in the fall. I’d love to share my passion for perfect food and wine pairings, tasting new wines and learning about new varietals, and most importantly educating and sharing our craft with guests in a fun way.” – Diego Lascano