Lewes Oyster House celebrates the rich heritage of oyster consumption in 18th and 19th century Mid-Atlantic taverns and oyster houses.

This period is known as the “Oyster Craze” or the “Golden Age of Oysters.” Oysters were inexpensive and abundant, and could be eaten raw or cooked in many ways, including fried, broiled, stewed, pickled, and more. They were often served with alcohol at taverns and saloons, and were a staple of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Today, Chef Sean and team honors this tradition and serves them grilled, fire-roasted, raw, in cocktails, and in towers!


Roasted Oysters


Ryan West, our very own Master Oyster Shucker, likes to keep a dozen different types of oysters on the list at any given time. Ryan says, “we like to keep a dozen on the list so that way guests can come in and try one of each, you know for a perfect flight of oysters!”

The oysters at Lewes Oyster House are all sourced from northeast waters, ranging from Prince Edward Island (PEI) to Virginia. All of our local oysters are delivered to us directly by the owners of the farms the day they are pulled out of the water, so they’re as fresh as possible.

It’s no surprise that Ryan’s favorites are from Rehoboth Bay, DE! Ryan says, “Double D’s and Nancy James are both grown in top water floating cages, so they never hit the bottom of the bay. This makes them clean and very buttery. This is a newer technique of farming oysters that most of our farmer friends in DE are using.”


Right now we have some great oysters on the list. They change almost daily, but today (6/13/24) we’re offering:

Beau Soleil (New Brunswick), Blackberry (Chesapeake Bay, VA), Cotuit (Cape Cod, Mass.), Double D’s (Rehoboth Bay, DE), Foxley River (Cascumpec Bay, PEI), Great White (Cape Cod, Mass.), Nancy James (Rehoboth Bay, DE), Raspberry Point (New London, PEI), Salt Shaker (Chincoteague Bay, VA), Shiny Sea (New London, PEI), Sweet Jesus (Patuxent River, MD), and Wellfleet (Wellfleet, Mass.).

Stop in today and Ryan would be happy to help you decide what to try, tell you where it’s from and what to pair it with! Ryan loves a cold glass of Hofbräu or one of our single-serve Pommery Pop Champagne bottles with his oysters!